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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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that's all we have for you. i shore up you made "money" today. it has been a pleasure pavilion for melissa. ♪ "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" another day another setback for obamacare. this time leaving consumers out in the cold. we will have the latest. the average bank account has 30 hidden fees. the and cover them tonight. and should you be heading to the stores now or wait? we are watching out tonight for you on "the willis report". ♪ gerri: tonight's top story, the single biggest consumer protection and obamacare has now
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become the latest of many of the law initiatives to be dropped. >> we will place the lead on how much you can be charged for out of pocket expenses because no one should go broke because they get sick. gerri: you better hope you don't get sick in 2014. out of pocket cost as no word ago but up. joining me now, former new york governor. great to have you here. >> i'm really not surprised. i knew this was an awful proposal. i knew was going to be horrific mess. unfortunately all of the fears i have for obamacare are now coming true. we see day after day where part of the law is on a workable, deferred for another year, passed next november's elections and tragic for the american consumer. gerri: allow 55 a list of things one was the employer mandate. now the biggest benefit for consumers really is off the table for 2014.
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if you're going to say it's off the table this year, are we sure will ever come back? check it out. the you think it is possible that there are unintended consequences of the delay that we talk to rod today? >> no question. in this case there will cap medical expenses. a lot of people at three different types of coverage, health care, drug care, dental care. and from different providers. and they can't talk to each other. there is no way to tell when a cab has been met. they had to put it off for another year. gerri: this is completely foreseeable. >> of course. but not if you never read the law and rusted through on christmas eve thousands of pages that no one understood what was in it. a just can't help but think back to nancy pelosi at the time saying once we passed the law will find out what is in
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it. we're finding out what is in it. it is not good for the health care consumer, the american economy. maybe it is good for the bureaucrats. gerri: be able to keep your doctor, your insurance, and now you say 85 percent of americans will see an insurance premium. >> i can't tell you the number of times the american president looked the american people in today you will have to change ay thing. the best estimate now, approximately 85 percent of the people who were happy with their health care policies will see them change, everyone from the union workers to a cadillac plans to people who have coverage with a particular group . gerri: everyone is mad. nobody likes this lot. increasingly in the polls use the evidence of this. americans saying they are not buying obamacare. here are the specifics of the costs you were not supposed to see. 6300 for individuals, 12,700 for
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families. those limits will not be in place. so if you get sick next door you could really be looking at big numbers to have to come out of your wallet. >> what happens when it is implemented? one of the reasons so many of these provisions are being put off the 2,015 is the eleccions will be in november of 2014. we were told so many things that are not the case, for the people once, don't let them see what is happening, and then we will dismantle their health care come january 1st 2015. it is not right. this is a train wreck. a lot of us knew when it was being passed it was a train wreck, and you have to start over with a real health care reform and not obamacare. gerri: we looked a lot at this lot for a long time, and i found nothing to recommend. recently we were looking at what they have to do in the next 50 days.
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fifty things to do in the next 49 days. these are big jobs, not small towns. there is no way it will be ready >> gabba not get it done. fifty different tasks, regulations, policies. and it's just not practical. it never was. since as an aside, the law says specifically that the employer mandate stores january 1st, 2014. the president unilaterally says, never mind the law. it will take effect january 1st 2015. where does he have the constitutional power to basically say, we're going to ignore the specific provisions of a law as opposed to going back to congress and saying, we have a problem. can we fix this? in my view there is a lot of question as to whether it is illegal. certainly a usurpation between congressional authority by its president. gerri: of course the
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administration says, you have problems with the loss. it happens all the time. what do you say that? >> these were foreseeable. this is not something that is shocking to anyone. this is a dramatic transformation of health care in the united states done by bureaucrats in a bill that no one read. if they know our surprise they're having trouble implementing a, there will be surprised the sun rises tomorrow gerri: thank you for coming on. always good to see you. >> good seeing you. gerri: can't afford it. obamacare now full of delays, but the irs is not wasting any time finding any targets. this time it is small business. sending thousands of letters to businesses questioning their income. with more on this a tax lawyer. welcome to the show. at think it sounds like these folks are getting targeted. >> it does sound likk that. there have been more than a few people who see the irs as a sort of back battle with their own
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internal problems. now they are on the attack sicking of cash and credit card information from a small business. gerri: it's weird because this is a notification a possible -- possible income under reporting. the people who get these letters have to prove a negative. no, i did not do it wrong. that just does not seem right to me somehow. >> it is frightening. i think your reaction is exactly right which is it is a puzzling notice to be in with. it is not a notice. it is a letter of explanation are requesting an explanation, whether you reported all your income. suddenly the unstated premise is that we think you probably did not. so you are proving a negative to some extent, showing that you did report all of your income. gerri: the tap--- tax gap.
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what was soda and what was paid. i'm sure they say, were just trying to close the gap and you should not be upset because this is what we do for a living. >> i think that the tax gap is a huge issue, of course, as you say. a big number, and there is widespread prick -- speculation and some of it is well grounded. small-business as a rule may not be scrupulously compliant in every respect about tax returns. the irs is looking for cash reporting in getting lots of them permission. the genesis if you listen to the irs, of these requests is all the reports that come in, for example, credit card data from a third-party credit card is now reported. if a small business uses a merchant card account and takes credit cards from customers buying goods and services, all of that gets reported to the address.
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they're trying to match the data with the tax return. then they say if they don't -- they may say or at least imply that you did not report all of your income on their business return, whether proprietorship or business entity. gerri: he did not bill that, report that. i feel like all of this big date is now coming back to haunt this it's really a double emmy. at the end of the their other looking for small business or just a wider net? >> at the irs has a lot of initiatives. it's important to stress the small business is sort of a vague term to begin with. it is not just proprietorships. a common reaction to this may be, lots of proprietorships, people who report not on a business entity return bout on @%hedule c to their own tax return which is the most likely
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tax return to be audited. so for businesses out there that are proprietorships, my advice as a tax lawyer is don't do that anymore. change to a business entity, elsie or corporation. they are targeting small business. quickly, one thing that san graves, the chair of the small congressman of the small business committee in congress has said, look, people being asked to prove a negative and they are very frequently intimidated or frightened by this. they have to respond within 30 days. what are they going to show? reported mine come. it is a big mystery as to exactly how you comply. gerri: it is scary. thank you for coming on. a frightening prospect calmly appreciate your talking with us about it. >> thank you. gerri: more and more. including the items your kids don't really need for back-to-school and more and more
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bank customers are getting ticked off over bank fees. the new study will give you even more charged up, looking out for you and your money coming up. ♪
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gerri: are you tired of playing hide and seek with bank fees? a new study finds check accounts are riddled with hidden fees. some banks charging up to as much as 50 fees per account for just a checking account. editor in chief of american banker, come back to the show. there is no way that you can defend 50 fees. >> i don't think most banks are trying to. the thing that they will tell you if you talk to bankers is that we all get checking account fees and other accounts that we really don't pay for up front. if you're the theater you pay for tickets. the banks don't charge up-front. gerri: but you charge a monthly fee. >> for some accounts and typically a few of a balance of a certain level which is one that some people on understand. gerri: they're charging people
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who do banking online for having checks essentially, during a checking. i mean, that makes no sense to me. >> i agree. there are some things you do that cost banks money. if you want paper statements and they have to put them in an envelope, that costs money. but if you decide you will be doing your banking online and take pictures of checks and send them in, that saves the banks a lot of money because when you go to the teller it costs them more gerri: they still charge you. >> but they will refer to it as a convenience fee. gerri: a convenience fee, that is like usual. that means -- here's what i think. there are 100 million banking accounts out there. nine out of ten of us have a banking account, check on account. increasingly more and more people, especially when people are turning to these debit cards, prepaid debit cards where you put money on a plastic card and have no real relationship with a banker july issue work,
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or just in hebrew also issues these. it seems to me that the banks are losing of vital customer. >> one of the reasons is that what the relationships. they often market technique count as a lost the year. it will make them to have cost them about $200 a year to keep open. what they're hoping is there will be to take out alone, the mortgage. that is what they want to sell, but they also have a lot of low balance customers. they will never make money, and don't want them. if you walk out the door. gerri: they are charging as out the was two for this. here is my point, why can't they put a list of all of the fees on their website. here is what it would say. they walked over to the technique out command of a checking account and say, whether your fees? in make a list and then put it on the website. this is not that hard to don't think. >> i don't think so either.
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the survey you were referring to, couple banks, 100 percent, meaning it did everything. gerri: more than half don't do it. more than half. >> and that is what i think is a real problem. if they're want to charge fees, let them. if you liko somewhere elle. gerri: you don't know who is fair because no one less the bees. that is why i want disclosure. >> i totally agree. be a pest. if they don't want to tell you, make them or take your business summer house. if it matters to save the money, bother the bank. gerri: i just felt fine and that open and think they should be. the on this is not on me to ask questions but then to give the disclosure. i think that is where it should start. this gives me fired up, and you just happen to be the person. >> that's okay. gerri: thank you for being here. i just take them. later in the show, a host of new
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ways to breeze through airport security. your reaction on the back to school time for parents and kids. some shopping tips including what items to avoid. stay with us. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner,
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♪ gerri: before you write out that checklist for the back-to-school shopping, the atoms to buy and void.
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♪ gerri: it is back-to-school time for kate's and shopping government dad. some of those items on the checklist might be a waste of money.
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welcome back to the show. you say this whole scene is changing. >> i've been saying that for a while. there really is no back-to-school proper. what do we need to get an historic the least cost. gerri: not stashing away the burberry alert the socks and a more. by now were no. does that mean that parents should not be shopping now? >> retailers are panicking. this summer has not been good. fall is not looking much better. they are highly promotional. definitely get all of your school supplies now, furniture for dorm rooms, that sort of stuff is highly promotional as well. i would wait on apparel, jeans. gerri: zero the numbers. back to school is not that good this year. average family spending down
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from last year. not a great showing. why is that? are people just under pressure? i assume that parents of young kids in particular are probably strapped. >> absolutely. you can see it and how well the stores are performing. obviously dollar stores are doing much better. walgreens, staples, walmart. the dollar store especially is performing well. school supplies, shoes, footwear companies. you know, what you need to get your kid in the door for school. other than that, unless it is an apple product everything is struggling. gerri: all right. he teased me. t like technology, biotechnology. you think this is the key? people are willing to spend on technology. what products to human? >> technology is becoming the new fashion statement. when you think about apple, a look at it almost as a luxury stock as opposed to a technology stock. if you were going to send your
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kid to school, the one thing that you're willing to pay for or that they will hang onto hopefully more than one season is an apple product. gerri: apple, nike, walgreens. but you don't like sears or j.c. penney. tell me about that. >> lyonnais j.c. penney as its lows. sears to. these are to -- once large retailers that are not just on life-support. there will be very promotional. i just don't think that they will fare well and make it through back to school. gerri: well, and a big fight with former board member over where the company is going next. the me as to this before you go. we watch back to school in part because it could tell us what would go on to the holidays. the big shopping season, but can have for retailers.
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>> i would say there is no more back to school. trying to portray back-to-school elected to black friday. two weeklong event. that's going to work. that will stress that into the holiday season. heavily diversified. something like michael. some big give some of the tree. gerri: people who have money will spend money in the people who are struggling along, we will be -- see people extending themselves with credit cards. >> they have no credit, so to this segment you were talking about before, prepaid debit cards, you will see a lot of that. layaway, prepaid debit, but not a lot of credit. one big gift under the tree or little things from a dollar store. gerri: thank you for coming on. appreciate your time. >> that you so much. gerri: of programming note. coming upon thursday, we will have a shocking expose a on how
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schools educate your children. how teachers are living it up and -- leaving it up tech computer programs said see how your child should be doing in the classroom. ridiculous. this thursday. time now for a look at the stories you're clicking on tonight. stocks mostly higher due to a rise in treasury yields. some stocks are sensitive to changes in interest rates. retail sales also edging up in july. dennis lockhart saying the labor market has made substantial progress, but there's still room for improvement. as long as that continues, the fed should start pulling back on a stimulus programs. fed presidents from chicago and cleveland gave similar timetables last week. resigned from the board of j.c. penney, the result of an unusually public battle. last week he said that he lost confidence in the board and called for a new chairman.
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coca-cola defending the safety of artificial sweeteners. such half pop rock -- stop declining. and those of some of the house or is right now find we have more coming up next. u.s. airways, an
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♪ gerri: from our fox business studios in new york, here again
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is gerri willis. ♪ gerri: well, if the justice department has its way the proposed merger of u.s. airways and american airlines will not fly, all because of the impact it could have on your bottom line. rich edson is live in washington d.c. with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. reagan national airport right across the river from washington d.c. and the justice department, this is the airport they used in part to make their case. they say this merger goes through, u.s. airways merges with american airlines and the result will be here 69% of the spots will be controlled by that new airline. this statement from the department of justice saying that this transaction would result in consumers paying the price in higher air fares and fees and choices. today's action proves our determination to fight to the best interest of consumers by ensuring robust competition in the marketplace. the case of the airlines is that considering what you happen over
6:32 pm
the last decade and really of of the last few years with delta and northwest and most recently continental and united airlines, in order to compete and bring the customers the types of routes and services they want, there are going to have to merge. the statement from the airlines as we believe that they are wrong in its assessment of our merger, blocking his pro competitive merger will deny consumers access to a broader airline network that gives more choices. one analyst said this does not necessarily guarantee higher fares. >> if southland airlines are jet blue or some of the carrier can jump in and compete, fares are not necessarily going to increase. if it can't, then they will, and that is where we should be focusing our energy. make sure they can continue to create competition. >> reporter: the airline said it will fight this until the end, and so does the department of justice. the end result they want to be the separation of these two airlines permanently. they do not won a merger.
6:33 pm
and number of attorneys and analysts point that it could be an open negotiation. but for some concession which could be the beginning at least as far as negotiations are concerned. gerri: to you think this merger still has a chance of going through? >> it all depends on where they go from here as far as those negotiations are concerned. if the department of justice is willing to listen to offers as to perhaps maybe the airline, the new airline would divest slobs, some of the other airports, make some concessions. there could be a way forward. then it is also up to the court system if they cannot work it out out of court there will be won in court. gerri: we will be looking out for consumers. thank you for coming on the show >> thanks. gerri: coming up tomorrow on "the willis report," i will be joined by florida attorney general pam ghandi for why she is joining with the justice department to try and block the deal. that will be a great conversation.
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while we await the outcome of the proposed airline merger, was slick as some of the other biggest mergers of all time. number five, nationsbank and bank of america combined to form what is now bank of america. fifty years ago the deal created the seventh based bank in the u.s. number four, $70 billion deal also in 1998 between travelers corporation and citicorp. the nation's third largest bank. exxon mobile. he's too giants signed an $81 billion deal in 1999 becoming the world's biggest company. the federal trade commission tried to up stop that merger. this $90 billion deal in 2000 created the second-largest drug company in the world. the number one biggest merger of all time, they'll tell time warner. the smart lived -- short-lived partnership. 164 billion. the company split weighs in
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2009, i'm sure because of @%reconcilable differences. and while a new opportunity for fliers. consumers can fly past airport security. forget waiting in long lines, taking off your shoes. the gsa says travelers can apply for expedited screening to avoid these headaches. have? joining me now, a travel expert mark murphy. before we get to this, i want to know your reaction the department of justice is doing with this merger. do you think that the merger will create higher cost for consumers? >> i have been saying it all along that it will create higher fares. less competition. limited number of carriers. domestic air traffic. fares will go up. case in point on the heels of the announced proposed merger, u.s. air raised the fee from 150 to 200. guess what, every other carriers matched.
6:36 pm
200 for domestic and 300 for a change fee on international tickets with most major carriers. at intel was a big mistake to do that because it is easy to price match, and those things do stake. gerri: that is a good point. we will watch about it and talk about it. it is important to our viewers. another thing important to our viewers is getting through the security lines, and i have a surprise for you. i have one of the cards that we're talking about. that is my global entry card. so i can sneak through these lines really fast. i just got it. have not used it yet, but talk about what this program is and what the benefits are. >> the global entry basically gets you through immigration correctly when you come in bounds to the u.s. from international destinations. global entry kiosks. coming, but in your passport. they have fingerprinted and and a background check and other things to qualify you, and you
6:37 pm
literally was through. after back from cancun. there was a two-hour wait for irrigation, and i was out on the curve and under one minute, including walking through customs because of global entry. the way you go about it is apply for an online. it costs $100, and you have to have a background check. you cannot have any record. an interview with the customs agent, and of all those things happen to get approved and lasts for five years. gerri: i went to the whole thing and it was easy. some of our viewers might be disconcerted because all of your fingers are fingerprinted. it was really simple to do, and if i can save time going through the airport, it was not just international flights. you can also get an advantage domestically as well. >> correct. you have global injury and it gives you access to a tsa pre check. if you are i have the fire they can nominate you to be part of it.
6:38 pm
that is how i initially added. that means you can basically go to the front of a security line. you don't take your shoes are built off. keep your jacket on, put your laptop through. and so i can show up with the airport 20 minutes before my flight and easily catch it. and what they're planning on doing is opening at up to far more travelers with the goal of having 50 percent of people available to do tsa pre check by 2015. gerri: you really are expedited. there is no doubt about it. is it every airport and airline but spitting at this point? >> no, it is not. i flew out of philadelphia to las vegas. add to your read terminal c. to go through that line. so one of the things you want to do, know your terminal and know that sometimes if you already have your electronic tickets you
6:39 pm
may want to go through a totally different terminal because they tend to have shorter lines. i do that a lot in philadelphia and other airports to avoid along the lines and main domestic departure points in terms of terminals. gerri: i will see you in the airport lounge. thank you for coming on. great stuff. come back soon. >> thank you. gerri: i love that. getting around to lines. we want to know what you think. would you pay more to get through airport security quicker? log on to, vote on the side of the screen no sir the results. when we come back, more juice out of your battery. we will tell you what not to do. stay with us. ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you -afety is at the heart of everything we do. we've add cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a ste-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing whate've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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gerri: important news for college savers. prepaid tuition plans are nothing but a trap. take colorado, shutting down because a recent study found it had negative cash flow. it was no longer financially viabll. our next guest says it does not matter what state you live in. there will only backfire when you need in the most. joining me now, ceo of edelman financial services. you hate these plans. why? >> they do not do the job. they only pay for tuition, not room and board which is half the cost of college. you have to go to an end stays cool. what happens if you move? what if the kid is not want to go? and the state has to honor its obligation which in part to many cases the states are not doing. gerri: we have seen that already in a number of ways. here is the hook, how they pitch
6:44 pm
parents. lock in today's college costs. tuition is the one thing that has been going up no matter what . as much as 5% per year, even though we have been in recession . says the idea is really attractive to people. why not just make sure you are paying today's costs tomorrow? >> because it is an offer that they are not able to guarantee. think about it. when you get your money to the state, what are they doing to it? they have proven themselves and it will to invest money for their chance necessary to honor the deal. second, you get is essentially the tuition inflation weight. would be better to invest that money in the open marketplace where you can get a rate of return that is potentially much higher and better yet in a five teenine college savings plan as an alternative you can have it cover all the cost of college. it. gerri: think how you invested.
6:45 pm
thank you invested. young have to be satisfied with with the state is doing. reliance on treasurer to make decisions, figure out what the rate is down the road. you cannot have to rely on them. in the other way? >> for college there is no better way. gerri: i want to talk in just a second about what is going on in colorado. big-time columns with their prepaid tuition. how could they have gone so wrong? >> they are not alone. most of the states have had a similar disaster. that is why very few states still offer these things. went awry because they did two things wrong. they overestimated how much money it would earn and the investment and underestimated the rate of tuition increase. it is a double whammy, and now all they're saying is, gee, sorry, did not workout. we will give your money back with the small rate of interest
6:46 pm
compensation, but parents are left on the hook. if a private company had done this there would-be lawsuits flying, seven investigations. instead, sorry, too bad. >> the state does not get in its promise. they walk away, give the parents back their money. i think this ends in november. plus a little bit of interest, but not the kind of return you were probably banking on planning and putting your kid to college. >> exactly right, and there is no recourse for the parent. they don't have the ability to sue the state or go somewhere else to get their recourse. they're just out of luck. gerri: take-it-or-leave-it. i guess that is what the state is saying. a great story and thanks for the advice. but concerned about this, and you can never set have money aside for college. thank you for coming on. >> sure thing. gerri: more to come. my "2 cents more."
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does it feel like you're arliss charging your phone? now there are zero applications that can help your battery lasts longer. details coming up. ♪
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gerri: if your fund is dead, tips on making your battery lasts just a little bit longer.
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♪ gerri: without fail it seems like a battery and are smart phone is always ready to die. a charge does not go as far as
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they used to. but as with all things, there is an act for that. we hope you extend the life of your phone battery. for more let's bring and a mobile analyst. do thank you for coming in. it's that year. is it me or is it the battery life of the funds getting shorter and shorter. >> it is not getting shorter. battery technology has gotten better in the last 16 years. it increased about threefold. the problem is everything else has moved so quickly that we have things on my father would never have dreamed of just a few years ago. watching movies, accessing gps and blue tooth and wi-fi, how those things eat into battery life. so batteries have, in no way, almost kept up, but it is not enough. gerri: the technology is way ahead. so there are some that are
6:52 pm
better than others. >> csn no. a simple phone is only used it will eat into a battery as much as a sophisticated phone being used for all sorts of other things. so if you have a more sophisticated phone there are things you can do to mitigate that. gerri: want to get to the applications. i'm going to walk through. good, bad, like it, hated. battery saver seems pretty straightforward. >> i have used that one and i like it. there are hundreds of these batteries saving applications out there, depending on what kind of fun here carrying. this is really -- generally work the same way. they help you control the setting to turn things off the you are not using and sometimes to clean out all the formation on the phone. i like that. it is a good job.
6:53 pm
like a lot of these. we master. it's good at finding that information like those talking about. stored on the phone and you may not need any more. they do a bad job. so they help get rid of the stuff of information, data. gerri: a bunch of them on here. hundreds of them. battery, doctor, pro, batteries saver, the list goes on and on and on. which ones to use a, this makes sense and is the one i would get? are so many out there and it varies. but rrght now carrying a windows phone. my choice when it comes to these is limited, but because i have no windows phone i can control some of these settings. i would suggest anybody you an
6:54 pm
internet search and look at the store, the number of down lows and reviews, just like they would get with any other application in decide what is right for them. there are lots of good ones, like any other kind of category, there is lots of junk. gerri: i got stuck in could not get past that. >> i might to experiment with different things. i have an android. a new one now. i'm not sure where are headed next. gerri: i know someone. they're great. appreciate your time. we will be right back with more. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someonego am and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth custom. nobody likes to miss out. thatwhether you're the all theifirst or the millionth.
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gerri: global entry and allowing travelers to go right through special security lines. would you pay more to go through
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airport security faster. here's what some of your posting on my facebook page. sam writes less that i started paying mortify private and i love it. why pay more for better service? next, i would guess the basic needs are up at least 10 to 15% in the last couple of years. there is inflation and sadly it will only get worse as viscid administrations policy seems to guarantee more. we love hearing from you.
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it is now clear that limits on consumer out-of-pocket costs are not being imposed, not this year anyway. those limits will be delayed for 2015. they are blaming computer systems a lot of times. and that is what i do when something doesn't go my way. some say it rolling disaster. the latest talk about illnesses like multiple sclerosis, people facing highest cost facing higher cost with a reform those of us to bring down costs. it is not working. that is my "two cents more". coming up tomorrow, losing your phone is a nightmare especially
7:00 pm
useful info on it. we will tell you how to protect your identity and finances if and when this happens. that is it for tonight's "willis report." we will see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. thank you so much for being with us. obamacare hitting taxpayers with anooher broken promise today. as it is revealed that the obama administration has quietly delayed another major provision of the federal health care overhaul. so quietly one might think the obama administration has been hiding that delay from the media and from the american people. the obama white house forgoing a mandatory cap on insurance company deductibles. the obama administration, as


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